A new approach to thinking and speech

"Social thinking™ is our meaning maker - it allows us to interpret the deeper meaning behind what others do in the world, and (if the situation calls for it) prompts us with how to respond."


Michelle Garcia Winner

The Social Thinking™ Methodology is designed to help individuals age 4 through adult with solid language and learning abilities.

A new approach to thinking and speech
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Speech is important for children in academic and social interaction, obviously. However, what if your child is having trouble in school or with their relationships, yet there doesn't seem to be a problem with their speech. It may be that your child needs help with social thinking™.

As Michelle Garcia Winner explains "Social thinking™ is the process by which we interpret the thoughts, beliefs, intentions, emotions, knowledge and actions of another person along with the context of the situation to understand that person’s experience. If we are engaging or sharing space with another person, we use this information to determine how to respond to affect the thoughts that person has about us to achieve our social goals (such as being friendly to maintain a friendship, acting generous to impress a date, and seeming unfriendly to deflect attention when walking alone late at night, etc.)" Children use social thinking all the time at school or in conversation with friends. They use social thinking to understand the deeper meaning of words, tone, inflection and more.

If you believe your child needs help with social thinking, call us today. A good social thinker will do better in school and in relationships with others.