How does your child hear and talk?

"Speech, language, or hearing problems can lead to trouble making friends and doing well in school. Give your child success—get help early."



This resource provides a set of charts for different speech milestones for different age groups.

How does your child hear and talk?
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No parent wants to have to bring their child to a specialist of any kind for any problem. However, five percent of children have some sort of noticeable speech or language disorder by the time they reach the first grade. These speech and language disorders can lead to learning disorders quickly.

But how can you be sure if your child has a disorder or if they may not be on track with their speech, language, or hearing? The American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) has put out a terrific set of milestone charts that you can use to determine if your child is on track. Parents can use these easy to follow charts to see if their child is meeting critical speech, language, and hearing milestones.

If your child is not meeting their milestones, contact us today or set up an appointment on our appointment page. We can tell you definitively if your child is meeting their milestones and if they need more help.