Articulation Disorders

Articulation refers to the way sound is produced. A child with an articulation disorder has problems forming speech sounds properly. A child with a phonological disorder can produce the sounds correctly, but may use them in the wrong place.

When young children are growing, they develop speech sounds in a predictable order. It is normal for young children to make speech errors as their language develops; however, children with an articulation or phonological disorder will be difficult to understand when other children their age are already speaking clearly.

A qualified speech pathologist should assess your child if there are any concerns about the quality of the sounds they make, the way they talk, or their ability to be understood. (

If children cannot verbalize what they want or convey their meaning, they will be often misunderstood. This can lead to other learning disabilities. Call us today if your child has any articulation disorders. They can and should be treated as soon as they are noticed.

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