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Chloe has been working as my 10 year olds speech therapist for a few months now and we can't say enough about her. She is inventive, patient, knowledgeable and fun! My son loves her and they have accomplished so much together. He enjoys practicing the homework she assigns him and he really works hard during their weekly visits to show his improvement to her. He has made great strides on his speech impairment since working with Chloe. We tried one of the "farm" type speech therapy places on the Westside and nothing compares to Chloe coming to our home and working with our child in the environment he is most comfortable in.

-- Brooke R.

I am a caretaker/teacher for a child with special needs and Dana has been his speech therapist for almost a year now. She is the 10th speech therapist we have had so I would say we have had a lot of experience with speech therapists, and she has been our favorite by far! She sees my little buddy where he is at but challenges him to do more. Since being with her, his speech output has increased significantly, he has grown in social skills and plays with other kids on his own now, and he has grown in conversation skills along with clarity of speech. Dana is patient, gentle, kind yet challenging and has provided my little buddy with such a great set of speech skills. We are thrilled she is starting her own practice and even considered driving 30 minutes away in order to be able to continue seeing her! She will love your kiddos and bring out their potential in such beautiful ways. We love you, Dana!!

-- Lauryn C.

Chloe is fantastic!!!
She has been an amazing source of support for my son during the school year. Her patience and dedication had a significant impact on my son. Chloe connected with him and was able to engage him and has made a lot of progress!
Thank you Chloe you are the best

-- Linda L

My high school son has been working with Chloe since Jan. 2018, dealing primarily with language and executive functioning skills. She has been a critical component to my son's academic progress and self-confidence. Her knowledge and experience has also helped us to finesse IEP goals to better suit his challenges. Although she has relocated, we have been able to continue sessions through Skype that are still equally effective.

I can tell Chloe really cares about my son and goes the extra mile to best serve his needs. Expertise and compassion make Chloe an incredible asset to my son's team. I highly recommend her!

-- Mageara C.

Chloe has been working with my 2yr old son for the last several months. A month before my son turned 2 (April baby) he had tubes inserted for continual ear infections and constant fluid buildup. He could not communicate. His vocabulary nearly non existent. Articulation , none. Not that a two year old is expected to speak so clearly but enough to where, I as his mother, could fulfill a simple need. For 23 months my little heard everything as if he was under water. We tried signing but that only went so far. He was frustrated to the point he'd pull his hair, scratch, hit, bite, throw himself on the floor all because he could not communicate. I cried watching him suffer and because of the guilt I felt not being able to understand him. Worst of all, (in my opinion) he had no desire to play with other little kids. No social interactions. He would sit by himself at daycare and not interact with the others at all. It was very concerning to us that at 2 this was happening. After having this minor yet life changing surgery we heard mommy and daddy shortly after for the 1st time! It took us about a month to find Chloe. In the last 4 months my son has developed immensely. Chloe has been truly the key component to his vocabulary growth and his personality development. She is patient, kind, and has really gotten to know Gavin as to make his speech therapy unique to suit him. She brings new things regularly to always spark his interests and keep him engaged and excited for her visit. She also includes my older son in my littles development which has also in a way strengthened their bond. To be honest they both look forward to Gavin's hour with her two to three times a week. Gavin just started preschool this month and his teachers call him complete "ham"! Most importantly he is social!! He shares, takes turns, and plays with other little ones at school and parks! His self confidence has sky rocketed and his personality has bloomed. As for me, I've truly grown to respect Chloe for what she does and how she does it. I truly appreciate and value her time and efforts with my son. She has been beyond helpful and communicative leading me along this process as its new to me. Scheduling with her is a breeze. She is always very flexible and accommodating. She's willing to do therapy in my home or we will go to the park or take a walk outside. She even went as far as swimming with Gavin (and us) because it's something he really enjoys doing. I look forward to the time she spends in our home and with our family. Needless to say I highly recommend Chloe. Chloe, if I haven't told you enough, thank you for what you have done for my little man and my family. It's invaluable. We are forever grateful. You truly are a gem.

-- Mary F.

We were very fortunate to find Mrs. Adler after our move to California. She was extremely competent and helpful getting my daughter assessed and implemented the proper therapy. Chloe was also very flexible to accommodate our extremely hectic schedule. We were also grateful that she was able to detect the severity of our daughter deficit and referred her to a wonderful psychologist who was able to diagnosed of what had been missed by other doctors for years.

Among the proper referral and recommendations of special ed schools, Mrs Adler 's one on one speech therapy sessions with my daughter were priceless. There was a huge improvement to her speech and language development since she started with Chloe less than 1 year ago.

We were so sad that Mrs Chloe had moved to Redondo Beach. Even though my daughter been seeing her new therapist in Pasadena, we still drive down to see Chloe every Saturday.
We wish Chloe all the success in her new practice and we have no doubt it will be a great addition to the community.
Mrs. Adler had changed my baby's life and she will change yours.
Best of luck to all the wonderful parents out there

-- Nicole V.

Dana is the best therapist that I have found. I have changed 4 teachers before her. I was so glad to find her honestly. She is able to identity my son's problems and work on them, such as sounds and complete sentence. You will see the improvement from each class. She is very professional. My son is not easy to deal with, and she is able to handle it well. My son loves her and I found his improvement. You've done a great job, Dana.

--Yinkwan F.

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